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the fish that changed my life

In holiday eating on February 26, 2010 at 6:12 pm

This past winter, alex and i went on a cruise to the Caribbean. On paper, a great idea! but in reality it was a bit rainy, a bit chilly and the ship’s steady rocking left me nauseous for 2 of the 4 nights.  blegh.

BUT, during the time that wasn’t spent dry-heaving, we were able to compensate for the lack of sunshine with FOOD. TONS of it. EVERYWHERE. most of it was only so – so, but dinnertime at the ship’s main dining room was the real deal! and that is where i met the fish that changed my life.

lovely bisque in the ships main dining room

lovely mango bisque soup

Usually when ordering from a menu, I glaze over the fish section. I’ve been burned too many times with boring dishes (stop having boring fish! stop having a boring life!). The thing with fish is, the best way to prepare it is the simplest way. All you need a really good piece of fish, cooked to perfection, served with a really spectacular but light sauce to really let flavors reach their maximum potential. I’m telling you, this fish had all of that.

It was so moist (!) it just flaked off of my fork. And the creamy lemon dill sauce that it was served in was delicate but really flavorful. Light and creamy and tangy. It was just a really well made piece of salmon. It totally blew all of the fancy steaks and soups with french names out of the water. I couldn’t stop eating it, even though I had just partaken in the buffet upstairs. Though, maybe that goes to show how much of a glutton I am and not how delicious the salmon was? In any case, it totally changed my life. Or, at least its made me consider ordering fish at restaurants again. Unfortunately, I didnt take a picture of this dish so I scrounged around the internets to find something similar:

random salmon with dill sauce - mine looked better!*

random salmon with dill sauce - mine looked better!*

Other gastronomic highlights from the cruise included late night pizzas, fruity bisques that we equated with melted ice cream, and the night that we discovered that we could order MORE than one of each course at the dining room. Now that was a revelation. I think Alex ordered a whole steak and a whole lobster tail in one sitting…? Ah, to be gluttons forever…

salmon appetizer of some sort. a lot of salmon on this blog so far!

salmon appetizer. a lot of salmon on this blog so far!


*credit for the picture goes to the foodnetwork.ca and we promise to be better bloggers and take more pictures next time!

  1. looks lovely, but i dont think this fish will ever change my life! haha but youd be proud that ive started eating raw salmon and this one resto i love!

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