Our Food Adventures in Chicago

free cone day @ ben & jerry’s!

In eating out! on March 23, 2010 at 11:23 pm

today was free cone day at our favorite vermont-based ice creamery!

so we went out and got some.

imagine whirled OMNOMNOM

imagine whirled OHMNOMNOM

alex got the phish food & i got the imagine whirled peace. sadly, they didn’t have my favorite flavor (chubby hubby!) at the navy pier location. here i am double fisting both the cones:

both cones in my hands! i should look more happy than this.

after we had our ice cream for dinner, we decided to polish off our meal with a drink & snacks at the famed Harry Caray’s Tavern, where alex schooled me on chicago history and the legacy of Harry Caray… didn’t know the man, but he sure looked jolly!

Harry Caray himself, baseball broadcaster extraordinaire

the tavern itself seemed typical enough. great spot for tourists to get drunk and eat greasy food in a semi-swanky environment. the drink selection was not bad… not too many sugary sweet messes with overly fancy ingredients. i had a delfino (gentleman jack, ginger liquer, sweet vermouth & lemon) and alex had some beer that i can’t remember the name of… (insert here, alex?).

whiskey. ginger. vermouth. lemon.

biere! of some sort.

and then we finished off the evening with a healthy dose of Holy Cow!® Potato Chips. Basically crispy kettle chips served warm with bleu cheese crumbles and doused in hot sauce. i’m definitely going to be trying this at home guys.

holy cow! chips

holy cow, my arteries!

an evening worthy of ohm nom nom brought to you by ben & jerrys.


  1. hehe this is so much cuteness! come eat ice cream with me!
    whats ohm nom nom (the noise you make when eating??)

  2. It was Half Acre beer, a local Chicago brewery. http://www.halfacrebeer.com/home.php

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om_nom_nom

    It’s also something the Cookie Monster says! heehee. But I think it’s an internet Meme, no?

    *Sigh* I miss those free ben and jerry’s coupons. remember when alex had a FREEZER FULL of their ice cream pints? And we’d go and each pick our own flavor to eat out of…BLISS.

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