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Do Not Try This At Home

In budget meals on March 26, 2010 at 11:12 pm

For those too lazy to read a couple paragraphs: Do not sample this vile drink!

Ok, for those of you who dare read on…

Mango White Russian

Mango White Russian

We all make mistakes in life, and I am no exception. Sometimes we don’t know that we’re making a mistake and other times we know that it’s a bad choice but we do it anyway. Tonight was one of those times.

Long story short: Having run out of regular vodka, and wanting to make a White Russian, I resorted to using the only vodka I had left – Absolut Mango. Now, some will tell you that vodka is vodka, regardless of the artificial flavors that have been added to it. I beg to differ. Mango flavored vodka is an abomination to all mankind. Having gone through an entire bottle of it, I assure you that there is absolutely no situation in life that calls for mango flavored vodka.

Absolut Mango

Absolut Mango

Unfortunately, this is all the vodka I had left tonight, and I was determined to make a White Russian. After all, I had all the ingredients – the only fluke was that my vodka was mango flavored instead of regular, no big deal right? WRONG! Mango White Russians are an abomination to all mankind! I’m serious. Never ever try to drink this mess. Here’s what I used:



Kahlua goes into a White Russian. We all know that.

Carolans Irish Creme

Carolans Irish Creme

Carolan’s is the same shit as Bailey’s. It’s all good, no reason to waste an extra $7 on the same thing, right?

The mango vodka was the mistake in this equation. Even though this all worked out before I ran out of regular vodka, the mango just made things infinitely worse. Do not ever use flavored vodka, especially mango flavored vodka, in your White Russian! That is my advice to you…


  1. Why? It’s disgusting that’s why.

  2. LOL. this is what happens when i leave you to your own devices. this is what happens.

  3. I made an entire pan of mac and cheese recently with vanilla soy milk instead of regular milk…the vanilla scent made it so unappetizing, especially after heating it up in the microwave. good thing this one drink was only a single portion!

  4. I gotta say: that sounds freakin’ nasty. But I think shan’s story trumps yours. hahaha

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