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lao sze chuan

In eating out! on April 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

a couple of weekends ago we decided to have a drunken dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant, to celebrate liz’s return from portland and my acceptance into a loyola post bac program…

but really, we just wanted to feast on delicious tear-inducing spicy chinese food and down a bunch of beers in the process!


lao sze chuan is pretty much the best restaurant i’ve been to in chinatown. alex would say that we haven’t been to enough restaurants in chinatown to be able to make such a statement. and he may be right.  but theres no way you can argue with this steaming bowl of ma po tofu…

ma po tofu

it was so spicy it took alex on a trip! but he was able to come back to us and enjoy the other dishes we ordered, including a mash up of scallops and veggies in a sweet and spicy sauce:


and another classic dish, the cumin lamb, which stan is so heartily digging into:

cumin lamb (zi ran yang rou)

the only iffy dish of the night was the double fried eggplant with most fresh hot pepper, shown on the left in the pic below. instinctively you would think that frying something twice will automatically double your pleasure, but in this case, youd be wrong. it was kind of bland and mushy, really.



it was quite the feast, but i think we did a pretty good job of clearing our plates (and our sinuses!)


Lao Sze Chuan
Neighborhood: Chinatown
2172 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
average $$ for entree = $12

  1. i liked that eggplant!

  2. CHOMP! Numbing spiciness is awesome =)

  3. Yuuuuuuum that was a good dinner night 🙂
    We SHOULD try some more restaurants in Chinatown, but most of the time it’s disappointing cuz it’s just not as good as Lao Sze Chuan. Hahaha and Stan looks like a bum in that pic of him digging into the lamb.

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