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Who Dat?!? NOLA Day 1

In eating out! on February 3, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Today was our first day in New Orleans. I was pretty exhausted from the travels all day, even though we napped and had coffee mid-day, but the 4 hours of sleep and the stress of almost being late for our flight really wore on me I guess. Not so much the stress, but just the lack of sleep.

Burgundy B&B

Burgundy B&B

Our B&B room is peaceful and Jess really likes the house. She says it’s cute, though really it’s just a house with the rooms rented out. Oh well, maybe I just don’t get the whole B&B thing. Maybe tomorrow’s breakfast will win me over.

We spent the day exploring the French Quarter and visiting as many places as we could from “The List,” which is a list of places Jess had researched and decided were representative of the New Orleans experience. We found out that we weren’t the only ones trying to check out all the hot spots – there were crazy lines for all the places we wanted to visit. The fact that the Sugar Bowl was happening today didn’t help. There were lots of people from Texas, Arkansas, Ohio and probably other surrounding states in town to see the game and try out the local eateries. And let’s be honest – we’re mostly here for the eateries.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde

Well, long story short, we went to Coop’s for jambalaya and gumbo, Central Grocery for muffalatas, Cafe du Monde for Beniets and coffee (preceeded by coffee at a local joint by our B&B, of which I forgot the name), Acme Oysters for both fresh and chargrilled oysters, Old Absinthe House for, what else, some Grand Absinthe (and football), some jazz club on Bourbon street that we don’t remember the name of but we really just went in there to use the bathroom and stayed for the good jazz (and the 1 drink each minimum) and finally, the Spotted Cat Music Cafe for some good jazz/swing music and some awesome swing dancers of whom we are now very jealous.



Not too bad for a first day. We were able to avoid the majority of the lines while most people were watching the game, which was quite a win for us. And we have resolved to try to learn swing dancing because it’s just so damn awesome.

Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House

Tomorrow we plan on riding the streetcars, getting some more fresh seafood and dining at a place called Cochon. Should be good.

Oh and we also found a place that sells Four Loko, possibly the last batch of that forbidden drink in the whole country. Naturally we bought a couple. For science =]

Four Loko

Four Loko

All in a day, with more good days to come.



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