Our Food Adventures in Chicago

NOLA Day 4: All good things…

In eating out! on May 19, 2011 at 7:27 pm

All good things must come to an end. So the saying goes, right? But, I say, why not taint the good with a little… bad? You can’t have a trip to N’awlins without a bit of the risque:

tsk tsk!

Okay, lets rewind a bit here. We had woken up with a hangover after a night of drinking and our subsequent attack on a few spicy crustaceans. These buggers were feisty! We woke up with scratches and cuts the next day (of course, not due to our drunken sloppiness and the fact that we ignored our waitress’ suggestions on how to open our crusty friends)

spicy crab boil

Here is Phil, totally dominating:

phil & crab

After a bleary morning, we trekked over to the WWII museum. It was definitely worth it! We spent the next few hours slowly wandering the halls, learning about the war in great detail. I especially loved the play by plays of the major battles, including D-Day. I also liked the propaganda posters, from both sides of the war. It was a really neat trip! Do check it out, if you’re around… But anyways, back to what you’ve come here for… the food!

We stopped at Cochon Butcher, an offshoot of the Cochon resto we went to the night before. This was a classy sandwich shop with all meats prepared in house. We shared a cuban sandwich with cochon au lait (a special way of cooking pork). It was divine. We washed it down with some local brews.

At night, we finally made our way to Mr. B’s Bistro, a NOLA must. This was probably my most anticipated meal – the BBQ shrimp! Which, in fact, are not barbecued at all. Instead the shrimp (heads and tails on, please!) are slowly cooked and simmered in a buttery rich and spicy sauce, giving it a rich smokey hue…. It was unbelievable. Served with a chunk of crusty french bread to sop up the liquid gold!

BBQ shrimp in liquid gold

Which brings us to night time in New Orleans… We met up with the lovely Shan&Brent to go out drinking on bourbon street. A few Hurricanes, HUGE-ASS-BEERS-TO-GO and 4 Lokos later, and you have the picture at the start of the post. Alex tells me that the shot was not tasty. I guess shot taking under extreme duress and awkwardness does not make liquer taste any better… 😦

Can't miss it

We ended our last night in NOLA at a favorite bar of ours, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop for some voodoo drinks (god, we’re such tourists!).

Final voodoo drink at Lafittes



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