Our Food Adventures in Chicago

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stop motion cake!

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cake vs pie?!

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so, a little late in the game i know, but apparently there has been a great raging debate of team cake vs. team pie!!!

this battle has me completely stumped. would i give up the fanciness of cakes, layered and smothered in rich creamy icing… or the rustic home-grown goodness of flaky, crusty pies filled with wholesome fruit??? and why is this a choice that i have to make?! so cruel, the world…

introductions and pleasantries

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hello world!

this blog is going to be about me and alex and our food adventures around the chicagoland area. i know chicago doesn’t seem like a gastronomic capital of the world (except, did you know that the hamburger was first introduced to the US by chicago at the world’s columbian exposition of 1893?! so you have us to thank for your big macs!). i mean, really, we’re known for deep dish pizza and hot dogs. hardly culinary masterpieces.

but we’re convinced that chicago has many food adventures we have yet to discover and we’re going to share them with the blogosphere! oh, and we’ll also be sharing a bit of our own cooking trials and errors, bc im sure they’ll be entertaining, being cooking noobz ourselves.